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Dear friends and fellow plant enthusiasts, welcome to our website.
General interest in Succulents and other xerophytic plant is continue to grow in recent years. This site is a
presentation of Succulent species with a lot of picture and some other information for growing, caring and propagating this beautiful plants to make it easier and more enjoyable. Popularity of succulents and other xerophytes are progressing through most exciting period of time at this moment. Today, because of improved of different types of propagation, advanced techniques, numerous varieties of plants available and they are readily accessible, thanks to the internet access in every household. We here doing our absolute best effort to help spread the information and share our knowledge to all of you who looking for an answers or recommendation of any type, related to the Succulent world.
We happy to announce that we participating at two local shows in Fort Lauderdale area this month.
See you all there!​