1. Anthuriums assorted
    Anthuriums assorted
  2. Euph millii hybrids
    Euph millii hybrids
  3. Euphoria millii assorted
    Euphoria millii assorted
Dear friends,
Welcome to Yellow Green Exotic Garden website.
We are your South Florida based retail course of Succulent and other Xerobhyte plants from around the world that have been grown locally in our back yard.
We specialize in growing and propagating Succulents from different families , including Adenium, Euphorbia, Hoya, rare Cacti, untraditional Bonsai and lots more. The idea to have a Succulent Nursery came up in mid 80’s, as an overgrown hobby that started to get out of hand. 
Growing mostly Cacti from seeds and selling them by mail to a local enthusiasts and plant lovers this company came to be. Since that time we withstood some tough down times and some changes along the way, but right now we are focusing on a simple, more wider variety of plants, quality of our product and customer service, plus our dedication to grow the best plants. Today we are small, family operated nursery with web store on eBay.
our team:
Andrew Troubatchov - owner/propagator, horticulture
Victor Troubatchov - administrator/coordinator, business
Jennifer Linn - office manager/ service, costumer service

Our aim is to provide all of our costumers with exceptional plant material, both traditional and new favorites, with honest business practices, friendly and reliable customer service. We encourage you to share your dreams and ideas with us and together we can make it happen.

Sincerely yours,
Andrew Troubatchov & Co